Now that the world has been devastated by the Cataclysm, finding that special someone has become harder than ever. But FutureMate is here to help! Your hosts Matt & Pam will take you through the FutureMate system and help you locate that special someone—who knows, you may even leave with a new mate! Come see all the benefits that await you for doing your part to rebuild our great nation. Both singles and citizens clinging to the vestiges of monogamy are welcome.

Spend 9 Months in Paradise
It’s true! With the Childbearing Vacation Credit, you too can leave the cities behind and escape to our island paradise! Imagine 9 months free from scavenging, marauders, gunfire, and sirens. A place where you can truly relax and sleep soundly—no lookout necessary. The trade winds will be the only thing disturbing this vacation! Fresh tropical fruits grow on the island, and superior rations are provided to all successful couples—even, yes, chocolate!*
*while supplies last